Sudoku Challenge

How to play

There are three levels of difficulty in Sudoku Challenge: Easy, Medium and Hard. The difference between these difficulties is how many tiles are removed from the grid before play commences.

To start a new game, touch the new game button:

Select your difficulty by touching the "Easy", "Medium" or "Hard" buttons. (to cancel and go back to the main menu, press "Maybe Later"):

A puzzle of the selected difficulty is generated and presented:

To solve the puzzle, you must place your tiles in the correct spaces so as to only have 1 of each number within each row, 1 of each number within each column and 1 of each number within each 3x3 grid. To start, select a space by touching it:

Next, touch the corresponding number tile that you would like to place in that space:

Continue this process until you have solved the puzzle. If you make a mistake, you can remove a tile by touching the bin tile:

once the bin is selected, you can remove your tiles by touching them:

To move back to placing tiles, either touch the pencil to go back to filling mode, or touch the correct number for that space (the pencil tile will automatically be selected).

If you give up, or want to come back later, press the exit sign.